YuSU students will present their projects at the World Youth Festival in Sochi

Students of Yugra State University - Diana Kazantseva, Valeria Knyazeva, Daria Gruzdeva, Ekaterina Lyakhotskaya, Rigina Magomedova, Leila Khidirova, Daria Paiganova, Valeria Tkachenko, Snezhana Chubarova and Valeria Panova took part in the pilot track of the federal project of the United Russia Women's Movement in Yugra - "My Mentor".

Each of the participants developed her own socially significant project under the guidance of an experienced mentor - a successful woman in her sphere - and presented her work to the expert committee.

Valeria Panina developed a project called "Choose Yourself". It is dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence for students through a thematic week at YuSU, using various formats interesting for young people: "It was interesting to get out of the comfort area, express myself and present my work to the members of the committee. I decided to take part because I think it is a great opportunity to test the topic of my thesis.

Snezhana Chubarova presented a project - a student entrepreneurial club "Successful Me". The essence of the work is to create a community where it will be possible to gain knowledge on entrepreneurship and leadership in various formats: "At the time of application I did not have a project, but after talking to my mentor, we decided. I decided to take part in the project to develop competences and create a quality project. My impressions have been positive. I was inspired by my mentor with her commitment and resilient character".

Valeria Tkachenko has been working with her mentor Irina Uvarova since November and created the project "Dream job". The aim of the project is to find employment for minors, taking into account their interests and opportunities: "The idea for my project came from experience - in my time it was very difficult for me to find a job that I would enjoy and would not interfere with my studies. So I thought it would be great to create such an opportunity for our young people. Also my goal is the professional self-determination of teenagers. I believe that my project will benefit society and help minors in career guidance and in making an informed choice of profession".

Diana Kazantseva together with Valeria Knyazeva presented the "Safe Style" project. The main task of the project is to instil interest in the younger generation in labour protection and safety requirements.

The girls worked on this project for three months, developing both lecture and practical material: "We visited the 4th and 9th grades in the school No. 1 named after Y.G. Sozonov, and also confirmed the significance of our project by conducting a survey among students before and after the classes".

Following the presentation of the projects, the expert committee selected the three best ideas to be presented at the World Youth Festival in Sochi.


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