YuSU keeps its position in the national aggregate ranking

Yugra State University retained its positions and entered the 2nd league of the National Aggregate Ranking 2024. The day before the annual list of universities was published on the website of the Aggregator of Independent Evaluation of Higher Education. The rating has been published for the sixth time, becoming a de facto unified scale of evaluation of universities. This year 686 universities were divided into 10 leagues. Our university entered the top 200 universities and is firmly in the green zone of success.

We should note that universities are evaluated according to 12 popular and authoritative ratings. Such as the National University Ranking, International Recognition, Hirsch Index, data on monitoring of university efficiency and assessment of teaching quality, results of professional and public accreditation, as well as Superjob and HeadHunter ratings.

We would like to add that the main feature of the National Aggregate Ranking is that almost all Russian universities are represented in it, which makes it possible to judge the quality of education in the country as a whole, as well as by individual industries, regions, and sectors, and to identify leaders and "underperformers".


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