The night marathon of intellectual games of YuSU– "43200 seconds"

At the Boiling Point of Khanty-Mansiysk, a Night marathon of intellectual games was held – "43200 seconds". 12 teams competed not only to determine who is the smartest, but also to test their endurance and just have fun. The participants were not only students of YuSU, but also residents of the city.

"This is the first time our team is participating in such an event, but we are not worried. We watched all the shows, got ready, and also slept all day today. The main thing is not to win, but to participate and gain experience. It's a game, emotions, we enjoy spending time together and if we lose, we won't be upset," commented the captain of the team "Belosnezhnaya ulybka ".

That evening, the players answered 213 questions, each of which gave 1 point and was of different difficulty levels. The topics ranged from cartoons to historical terminology.

The results!

Overall score:

1st place - the team " Ochen' strannye dela ", 136 points;

2nd place - the team "KD2X", 118 points;

3rd place - the team " MysliVItalii ", 117 points.

Student score:

1st place - team "Dospodin Gruz' ", 76 points;

2nd place - the team "Uletnye pupsiki ", 50 points;

3rd place - the team "Toxic team", 48 points. 

"We weren't really sure about the victory, the other teams turned out to be very strong. The hardest part was probably not falling asleep. Not everyone in the team always agreed with the answers, there were problems with that too, but we did it. We will also participate in the next game, with the same composition," the members of the team "Dospodin Gruz' " shared their impressions.

Partners and organizers of the Night Marathon:

- Intellectual Club of YuSU- initiators of a sleepless night;

- Yugra State University - those without whom nothing will work;

- KINOSTAR is a comfortable cinema where it is pleasant and cozy to watch new movies together;

- People - coffee with meaning;

- HULK Laser Tag Club | Khanty-Mansiysk - they know how to diversify your leisure or holiday;

- CULTURAL STAFF - is a place where cafes, a market of local craftsmen, a coworking and a space for cultural events have combined;

- The boiling point of Khanty - Mansiysk is a comfortable space for the realization of your ideas;

- Yugra Intellectual Club, the leader of the consolidation of the entire intellectual movement in Yugra, is our great friend.


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