Student Day in YuSU

Songs, dances, sports competitions, quizzes and games, and skating! Yugra State University celebrated the Day of Russian Student.

The sports club "Sever" held a relay race with crossfit elements, where higher schools fought for the status of "The Most Athletic". According to the results of the tests, the High School of Physical Culture and Sports became the winner. The team of the Higher School of Digital Economy won the silver medal, and the team of the Higher School of Law won the bronze medal.

The "United Russia" Youth Guard and the YuSU Student Council organised a quiz for students, consisting of questions about Russian history, science, culture and sports.

The educational corps hosted exciting and interactive platforms, where the students took part in the quiz of Higher Oil School - "Guess the melody", got into the "Time loop" from Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogy, and the activists of Higher School of Ecology tested the students how "universal" they are.

Podfak students also had an interesting event. A game about students traditions in Russia. They were divided into 3 teams and had 5 interesting rounds.

In honour of the Student Day, a water polo match was held at the Higher School of Physical Education and Sports. Two teams met on the field: the "Students" team and the "Professors" team. The "Students" won in a tough competition. Alexey Snigirev became the best player of the match of the professors' team. The best player of the students' team was Polina Pavlyukova.

The celebration continued at the Oktyabr Cultural Centre, where the TOP YuSU award ceremony was held. The awards were given to the best students of the university for their outstanding achievements in science, sports, culture and social activities.

Elena Shumakova, Deputy Governor of Yugra, started the awarding ceremony. She congratulated the students on the holiday and noted that being a student is a time of hope and faith that any wish will definitely come true.

Yakov Samokhvalov, Director of the Department for Youth Policy, Civil Initiatives and External Relations of Yugra, expressed pride in the students' achievements and emphasised that the department is always ready to help and support young people in their initiatives and projects.

Roman Kuchin, Rector of YuSU, joined the congratulations. He summarised the results of the last year and noted that the university continues to develop and reach new heights. Roman Viktorovich wished students to find true friends, form their civic position and be responsible for their actions.

Ksenia Gryaznova became the winner in the nomination "Education". The prizewinners were Vitaly Strukov and Mikhail Grishin.

In the nomination "Science". The winner is Ksenia Izmodenova. The prizewinners - Daria Voitina, Alexey Barsukov.

In the nomination "Creativity". Winner - Renata Opria. The prizewinners - Kamalutdin Badashev, Danil Voronyuk, Olga Kiporenko, Veronika Litovchenko, Nail Mustafinov and Anastasia Rukhmakova.

In the nomination "Sport". Winner - Efim Nevolskikh. The prizewinners are Georgy Zelenko, Alexandra Ivanova, Polina Myakusheva and Polina Pavlbyukova.

In the nomination "Public". Winner - Alexey Dudchenko. The prizewinners - Natalia Antonova, Christina Bekina, Kirill Kasym and Aliya Khairislamova.

The celebration culminated with mass ice-skating in the city sport complex.


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