Rector of YuSU Roman Kuchin summarized the аchievements of 2023

2023 was a very productive year for Yugra State University - a lot has been done to improve the quality of education, to create a social and educational environment and to increase the comfort of learning.

The results of the outgoing year are the merit of each of us!

In 2023 we prepared the University Development Program until 2032, YuSU became the first university in Yugra to join the family of academic fundraising. The first Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society in the okrug was opened at the university The federal project "Professionalitet" was launched on September 1, and five projects of the university won the competition "Rosmolodezh. Grants".

Due to the restrictions imposed on Russia, we managed to quickly change the vector of international cooperation to the CIS countries and Asia. 7 new Agreements were signed with partners from Belarus and China. In 2024, with the latter partner, we plan to start implementation of double-diploma bachelor's degree programs in the field of "Informatics and Computer Science", "Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering", according to the 3+2 scheme. This means that students will study in China for the first 3 years, intensively learning Russian, and then come to Khanty-Mansiysk for 2 years, complete their degree and receive two diplomas of education - Russian and Chinese. The University became a member of the Russian-African Network University Consortium. The university already has 16 African students from Zambia, Ghana and Egypt who have united in the community "Africans in Yugra", but we intend to continue to increase the number of students and expand the geography.

Despite the fact that we were all in a highly turbulent environment, the admission campaign at YuSU was successful. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the staff, the university carried out the admission in accordance with the control figures, fulfilling the planned indicators for all levels of education in due time and recruited more than 2,300 applicants.

Yugra State University is constantly developing, we strive to provide competitive education programs, training highly qualified specialists, instill in the young generation respect for human dignity, and contribute to the formation of civil society.

In 2023, Yugra State University became a participant of the Consortium for the development of the "Service Learning" program, and the first higher education institution of Yugra to start training in the bachelor's degree direction "Information Security". Additional qualifications were obtained within the framework of mastering the main educational program (8 professional retraining programs, 1 program of two qualifications in the diploma); 7 online courses were developed and placed on the platforms "Lectorium", "Edutoria" and "Stepik", 22 digital educational contents were created within the framework of project "Professionalitet".

Five new bachelor's degree programs were launched, including the one unique in the Tyumen Oblast with two qualifications in the diploma of higher education in Economics, and a master's degree program in Oil and Gas Engineering and Management was licensed. YuSU also acted as a base platform for the Federal Internet examination for bachelor's degree graduates (3 bachelor's degree programs).

Scientific activity is an essential part of the life of a modern university, its scope and results determine the future of universities. Our young scientists demonstrate a worthy level of preparation at conferences, Olympiads and case championships. Despite all the challenges and restrictions our country has faced, we successfully continue to expand scientific boundaries.

In 2023, as part of the national project "Science and Universities", the Laboratory of Ecosystem Geoinformatics was established to study the spatial and temporal variability of carbon balance of forest and swamp ecosystems of the middle taiga of Western Siberia.

Since 2023, two projects of the state assignment "Affordable and clean energy for small settlements in the Arctic and Far North regions" and "Development of models for wavelet analysis of non-stationary modes of electric networks to improve the reliability and efficiency of electricity supply to consumers" have been implemented.

In the outgoing year, thanks to the university's partnership relations with representatives of the real sector of the economy and the Government of Yugra, we became a part of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center "UNITY PARK". One of the first projects, which was proposed by the university, is the International Center for the assessment and verification of carbon units and conditions for the entry of economic entities of different regions into the system of trading in quotas for greenhouse gas emissions - "Carbon Data Center".

In 2023, on the basis of YuSU research station in Shapsha, a Children's Carbon Polygon has been created, which is going to be used to organize research work and regime observations, serve as a basis for the integration of advanced technologies into schools through advanced training courses for partner universities, teachers, children and youth in the field of instrumental measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes, climate change monitoring.

Within the partnership with such companies as UTEK-Regional Power Grids, URESK, Gazpromneft, etc., opportunities are being created for the implementation of demanded projects in the field of energy security, technologies for the production of reagents for their subsequent serial production in low-tonnage volume. Such results of research and development activities are in demand by oil and gas industry enterprises that carry out economic activities, including those in the northern territories and the Arctic.

An important indicator of success and competitiveness of any university is its position in the ratings. In the current geopolitical situation, it is not international, but national achievements that come first. The University took 16th place in the SuperJob Rating of economic universities of Russia by the level of salaries of young specialists working in the field of economics and finance, 2nd place in the rating of the Youth Labor Market, was included in the Top 100 best universities in Russia according to

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, I wish everyone good health, inspiration and personal happiness! I am confident that in 2024, with our joint efforts, we will solve even the most difficult tasks and realize our plans and dreams.

Roman Kuchin


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