Postgraduate study at YuSU

Around 30 people enter the postgraduate program of Yugra State University every year. Currently there are more than 100 postgraduate students studying at Yugra State University. Yugra State University trains future scientists in 14 educational programs: "Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes", "System Analysis, Management and Information Processing", "Ecology", "Geoecology", "Theory and Methodology of Sports", "Regional Sectoral Economics" and others.

The first graduation of postgraduate department of YuSU took place in 2009. At the end of last year the first PhD thesis defense was held at YuSU in the united dissertation council for legal sciences.

This academic year Yugra State University's postgraduate program was chosen by Nikolay Vorontsov, General Director of Yugra Fish Factory, Matvey Karov, Director of the Department of Construction and Housing and Communal Complex of Yugra, and Sergey Ustyugov, Olympic champion, two-time world champion, winner of the Tour de Ski multi-day race, Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

On the eve of the International Postgraduate Day we interviewed Ilya Skrynnik, who enrolled in the postgraduate program at YuSU to continue his scientific research in criminal legal sciences.

- What is your work experience?

- I have worked as an arbitrator assistant and in a law firm, mostly dealing with civil and family law.

- Why did you decide to enter postgraduate study?

- Postgraduate study allows me to gain additional knowledge in a specific area of law (in my case - criminal law and criminal procedure), skills and competencies in scientific work - writing scientific articles, speaking at conferences, and most importantly, fundamental scientific research, which is expressed in the form of a dissertation.

- Why did you choose Yugra State University for your scientific education?

First of all, Yugra is a territory of the Russian Federation, where I used to live in my teenage years. Secondly, the form of the entrance test for the direction made it possible to participate in the competition not only for graduates of Yugra State University, but also for graduates of other educational organizations of higher education. Thirdly, there is an opportunity to research new and not so well researched problems and issues in criminal law specialization.

- What does the topic of your research paper sound like?

- Criminal-legal assessment of nature and extent of harm caused by environmental crime.

- Why did you choose this particular topic?

- The topic was chosen as a result of discussion with my academic supervisor. The interest is aroused by the fact that this direction of criminal-legal policy needs additional research and substantiation; study of foreign experience and implementation of best practices; use of knowledge not only of criminal-legal profile, but also of civil, land, environmental, administrative and other branches of law.

- Which publications have you got so far?

- There are publications both in ordinary scientific journals and in the journal "Russian Justice", which is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

- What positive aspects do you find in postgraduate study at YuSU?


- The positive aspects of study at the moment are the provision of living conditions by the university, access to scientific library funds, convenient schedule of classes to match with other activities besides study.

- What prospects do you think will be available for you after graduating?

- Firstly, postgraduate study will give confidence in my knowledge in the relevant area of knowledge. Secondly, there will be an opportunity to teach in both secondary vocational schools and higher vocational schools. After graduating I plan to defend my PhD thesis in the united dissertation council of YuSU and Omsk State University.


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