The biennial International scientific and practical conference "The 6th technology wave: Mechanism and perspectives"
 Welcome to our biennial conference devoted to the issues of technology serving the needs of people in the era of the latest wave of technology advance


Dear friends,

We are pleased to invite you to our Biennial scientific and practical conference “The 6th technology wave”. We put the title of the conference as “The 6th technology wave: Mechanism and perspectives”. This aspect covers the issues of technology serving the needs of people in the era of the latest wave of technology advance.

We took up this topic in 2011, on our university's 10 year anniversary, and it is still new and urgent for our academic society. The works on this topic are rather occasional. How does it influence and change the nature, the industries and human society? How do we study, work and just live in this era? What peculiarities of moving towards this wave do we have in Yugra – a part of Siberia with the developed extractive industry? These and many more questions are discussed at the conference.

The conference takes place in November in odd years in Yugra State University, Russia (Siberia).

The contents and issues of the conference

The discrepancy in terms demonstrates a significant gap between the Russian and the western approaches to studying the current processes in the society under the influence of technologies, Thus, the term “technology tenor” (correlating with “waves of technological innovations” in the west) introduced into the scientific discourse by the economists D. Lvov and S. Glazyev, determines the preferences of the researchers towards the technology rather than human society.

On the contrary, the western researchers tend to focus on the humanistic aspects of the technologies, regarding them as new facilities for the person and the society. Is there a new technology? Well, how can it help human beings in this particular sphere? – that is how the human-oriented scientists put it. In some industry-oriented (rather that science-oriented) texts we can also see the term “technology revolution”.

Thus, the aim of the 2nd conference (in 2013) “The 6th technology wave: Mechanism and perspectives” was reviewing the opportunities that the technologies give us (the relationships with the information and financial flows, the environment and industry in the area, the relationships of a person and institutions); stating the present situation in Russia concerning the presence of the traits of the 6th technology wave; determining the directions of the development of our country and society towards the 6th wave of technology innovation.

To reach the aim, we suggest the following issues for discussion:

1. The problems and perspectives of industry sector economics in the process of transition to the 6th wave of technology innovation.

2. Technology revolution in supply and energy efficiency as a key factor of the Strategy of economic advance framework

3. Local peculiarities of professional training in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug - Yugra

4. IT as an accelerator of the intellectual potential of the society

5. The technologies of modelling of the environment, elements and materials on micro-, meso- and nano scale.

6. Constitutional and legal policy in present-day Russia (the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Russian Federation)

The time and place

It is remarkable that the 2nd scientific and practical conference (in 2013) took place in Yugra – the region of Siberia famous for its richness in oil industries as well as environmental consciousness. The region survived the times of exploration, and over the last 10 years the city of Khanty-Mansiysk has turned into the centre of intellectual and winter sports, science and information.

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Yugra State University is a young one; its history goes together with the newest history of Khanty-Mansiysk. We are willing to start our own traditions of international conferences, and we invite you to be a part of it.

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You are also welcome to participate in the conference distantly.

But we do believe that if you come to the conference you will find the place comfortable for your stay and work, hospitable and modern.


The conference is usually in October or November. The participants of the conference in 2014 witnessed a wonderful event which took place on November, 6, 2014 – the Olympic fire was carried through the city. A lot of people who registered in advance and were selected by the committee carried the fire handing the torch over to each other. Our rector and some students participated, too.  Russia was preparing to host the Olympic Games, and one of the issues discussed at the conference was volunteer work, that our students have long been involved in.

Contacts, participation and registration

To register for the conference, and for any other information, please write:

Yulia Papanova, Head of the International cooperation department of Yugra state university (the conference’s mail)

Please remember:

Registration deadline: October 15, 2013.  

To participate in the conference, please fill in and send us the following registration form (.doc, .odf):

1. First name. 

2. Given name. 

3. Workplace. 

4. Position, degree. 

5. Telephone / fax, e-mail. 

6. (if you wish) your profiles in social networks

7. Topic of your paper, abstract (up to 500 words). 

You are also welcome to participate in the conference distantly via Adobe Connect or Mirapolis - the platform we use in Yugra state university to deliver lectures with presentations distantly.


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